The Cognitive Activation Evaluation

cognitive_activationThe cognitive activation evaluation utilizes state-of-the-art electronic equipment, the Quantitative Electroencephalograph (or qEEG), for the measurement and tracking of the electrical activity of the brain. The procedure involves the placing of electrodes on the client’s head with use of a stretchable nylon cap which contains 19 sensors. The electrical activity occurring at the brain site below where each electrode is placed can be recorded and displayed on a computer screen. The computer does not send any electrical signal into the brain, nor is there any physical penetration of the skin.

The subject then works on a series of tasks and problems (selected for the particular client) designed to collect data during:

  • Eyes Closed
  • Simple Auditory and Visual attention
  • Auditory and Reading memory
  • Problem Solving
  • Working Memory

The evaluation takes about 60-90 minutes. The subject needs to have a clean head (hair recently washed) with no conditioners or other commercial products in the hair. The subject should not be taking any medications (if possible) and should not drink any caffeine drinks prior the procedure (such as coffee, soda).