Changes in Coherence and Phase

Additionally, there were significant improvements in the coherence and phase relations which are documented in the next figure. The following text describes how to understand the figure.


In the head figures where there is one location with no circle, the empty location represents the origin of a “flashlight” which “sends” out its beam to the other locations. When the beam arrives at a particular location a coherence value is calculated. The colors of the circle indicated the standard deviation (SD) difference from the normative reference group. The white color indicates that the subject was within the range between +.50 and -.50 standard deviations. The light blue indicates the subject was between -.50 and -1.50 SD. The dark blue indicates the subject’s value was below -1.50 SD. Light orange indicates the subject was between +.50 SD and +1.50 SD while the dark orange indicates a value above +1.50 SD. The number in the circle is the SD value.